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Froland IL

Froland IL was one of 80 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Dyreparken Håndballfestival 2021. They participated with two teams in Jenter 12, mindre øvet (født 2009) and Jenter 13 (født 2008) respectively. The team in Jenter 13 (født 2008) made it to the the 1/16 Final in Sluttspill B, but lost it against SUND HANDBALLKLUBB by 4-5.

In addition to this, Froland IL have participated in Dyreparken Håndballfestival before. During Dyreparken Håndballfestival 2020, Froland had 7 teams playing in Gutter 10 (født 2010), Jenter 9 (født 2011), Jenter 11 (født 2009), Jenter 12 (født 2008) and Jenter 13 (født 2007) respectively.

Froland comes from Froland which lies approximately 54 km from KRISTIANSAND S, where Dyreparken Håndballfestival takes place. The area around Froland does also provide 11 additional clubs participating during Dyreparken Håndballfestival 2021 (Among others: Trauma,IF, Øyestad IF, Hisøy IL, Express, Sørfjell, Birkenes, Grane Arendal, IK, Lia IL, Lillesand IL and Hisøy IL).

4 games played


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