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Gimletroll was one of 80 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Dyreparken Håndballfestival 2021. They participated with 16 teams in Gutter 9 (født 2012), Gutter 11 (født 2010), Jenter 9 (født 2012), Jenter 10 (født 2011), Jenter 12, øvet (født 2009) and Jenter 15 (født 2006) respectively. The team in Jenter 12, øvet (født 2009) made it to the the in Gruppespilland won it over Spangereid IL by 8-1.

Gimletroll originates from Kristiansand s, which is the same city as where Dyreparken Håndballfestival takes place. The area around KRISTIANSAND S does also provide 16 additional clubs participating during Dyreparken Håndballfestival 2021 (Among others: Randesund IL, Tveit IL, Søgne Håndballklubb, Greipstad IL, Kristiansand, Våg IK, Vindbjart, IL, Just IL, Birkenes and Lund Håndballklubb).

19 games played


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