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Sandnes Håndballklubb J10 (f 2011) 3

Registration number: 1104
Registrator: Aina Grayston Skjørestad Log in
Primary shirt color: Light blue
Leader: Tone Idland
Henriette Lea Sele
Victoria Polo
Mahmoud Ahmed
Ivan Ignjatovic
Dragana Ignjatovic
In addition to the three Sandnes Håndballklubb teams, 24 other teams played in Jenter 10 (født 2011). They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Sandnes Håndballklubb 3 could be found in Group B together with Express 1, Sola Håndballklubb HK J10 - 1, HG Gokstad Håndballklubb, Randesund IL RIL K&D1 and Gimletroll Fagerholt 2.

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